Doctoral of Science (Plant Pathology)

Doctor of Philosophy Program in Plant Pathology

ชื่อเต็ม: Doctor of Philosophy (Plant Pathology)

ชื่อย่อ:  Ph.D. (Plant Pathology)

Total credit

Plan 1.1 and Plan 2.1 48 credits
Plan 1.2 and Plan 2.2 72 credits


01008591 Research Methods in Plant Pathology

01008691   Advanced Research Techniques in Plant Pathology

01008611 Molecular Phytopathogenic Bacteria  

01008641 Molecular Plant Virology

01008651 Genetics of Phytopathogenic Bacteria

01008661 Advanced Plant Pathology II

01008674 Advanced Serology for Plant Pathogen Diagnosis

01008675 Advanced Plant Disease Epidemiology  

01008696 Selected Topics in Plant Pathology

01008698  Special Problems       

01008511 Advanced Bacterial Diseases of Plants

01008512 Analyzing Phytopathogenic-Bacterial Researches

01008513 Taxonomy, Genomics and Useful of Plant-Associated Bacteria

01008521  Advanced Mycology

01008522  Taxonomy of Basidiomycetes

01008523 Physiology of Fungi             

01008524 Genetics of Fungi

01008525 Storage Molds and Mycotoxins

01008526 Phytopathogenic Microorganism Contaminant in Agricultural Product

01008531 Advanced Nematology

01008541 Advanced Plant Virology

01008551 Physiological Plant Pathology

01008552 Genetics of Host-Parasite Interaction

01008553 Genetic Data of Plant Pathogens and Bioinformatics

01008561 Advanced Plant Pathology I      

01008562 Ecology of Plant Pathogens

01008571 Advanced Plant Disease Control

01008572 Natural and Synthetic Chemicals in Plant Disease Control

01008573 Biological Control of Plant Pathogens

01008574 Plant Disease Epidemiology

01008575 Sustainable Plant Disease Control  

01008576 Plant Disease Biosecurity

01008581 Advanced Seed Pathology

01008582 Postharvest Diseases of Perishable Crops

01008583  Post-Harvest Plant Health and Quarantine

01008584 Plant Disease Diagnosis by Serology-Based Techniques 

01008586 Plant genetic Engineering for Disease Resistance

01008596 Selected Topics in Plant Pathology

01008598 Special Problems